Isabella (2020-2021 and 2021-2022)
I worked at El Centro de Inglés during the school years of 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. Something that I really enjoyed about working at ECI is that you are able to teach many different age groups and levels. Some of these groups might include test prep (Cambridge and Trinity) which can be a bit intimidating and stressful if you haven’t got a ton of experience. However, a lot of support is available, the other teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand. There is also a huge staffroom with loads of different resources to supplement your classes. Additionally, many teacher training sessions are held throughout the year, these are all very helpful, particularly for exam preparation classes. ECI is incredibly driven to get the kids to grasp the English language and more so develop a love for it. I loved teaching at this school, but what I enjoyed most of all was being able to learn from the talented teachers who I worked with. Everyone at this school is very kind, friendly, and professional; they all bring a lot of experience and important skills to the table.

Alyona B and Kris T

Alyona B (January 2020 to present) Kris T (September 2019 to present)
We have really enjoyed our time here at ECI Andujar, and in the town itself. If you drive you are within easy reach of any part of the peninsula, if not there are busses to most big tourist spots that take a few hours (take the earliest possible coach to get more time or stay overnight in an AirBNB). Andujar itself has some of the best places to eat, even former Michelin-starred places, and a ton of places to have a coffee (or beer) in the sun. What has been new for us is the attention to Cambridge and Trinity exam preparation. The school takes students’ preparation for these exams seriously, which is great. Even though the COVID-19 quarantine has been a stressful time for all the teachers and schools all around the world, ECI managed to organize the whole process quite smoothly and thanks to the training we received from the academic management, all of us learned how to teach online very quickly. Of course, we’ve been mastering our skills of teaching online throughout recent months, but the initial training was extremely helpful and everyone was supportive and patient. We were sharing ideas and materials with each other and the team work really helped us to move forward. Also, we are immensely grateful for all the help with our paperwork concerning our move to Spain. Julie guided us through this complicated process, which helped us to settle in. If you want to work for a professional reliable company, develop as a teacher, meet new interesting people who are passionate about their teaching jobs, this is a place for you!!

Tom Macare

September 2019 to present
This is my first year working for El Centro de Ingles and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was attracted to school because if its professional attitude and the various opportunities presented to advance my teaching career. This year I have taught a range of ages from primary through to adults. This has allowed me to develop my teaching style and adapt to the various needs of my students. I big part of my teaching has been the Cambridge exams. This was an area that was quite new to me when I arrived, but thanks to the excellent programme of support for teachers at the school, I now feel very comfortable delivering these types of classes. For the last few months my teaching has changed considerably due to COVID-19, however the company’s response to the pandemic has been excellent. We were set up giving online classes in less than a week, and I maintained a full timetable until the end of the year. I have also been able to develop my online teaching which is a very useful skill to add to your CV. Tom

Emilia Prelipcean

September 2017- present
I´ve worked here for three years now and what initially attracted me to the school was the fact that they came across as very professional and supportive – a place where I could further improve my skills and I must say I have. At ECI you work with students aged 6 to 18 mainly (some adult classes as well) and the main focus is on Cambridge exams which is great work experience to add to your CV. However, if you´ve not taught Cambridge before, planning and structuring these lessons can be very time-consuming and requiring a lot of effort. As a result, you end up putting in a lot of extra hours. Nonetheless, once you dominate the skill, it gets a lot easier. Teaching online is another thing we all had to get used to given the circumstances, but we managed to get it up and running and it works very smoothly indeed now. E. Prelipcean.

Cian Jordan Quinn

September 2018-present
I have worked for El Centro de Inglés for two years now and would thoroughly recommend the academy to anyone looking to advance their teaching career. I was initially attracted to the academy by its professional approach to TEFL and support in skill development. I feel that I have been empowered to develop professionally, specifically in the areas of exam preparation and improving students’ reading comprehension. COVID-19 took us all by surprise and I must state clearly here that ECI acted quickly and effectively, getting online platforms and digital resources organised within days of Spain announcing a national emergency. I was very impressed by this and felt fully supported in transitioning to teaching classes online, which was completely new to me. Anyone considering a career in teaching is in safe hands here. If you want to improve professionally, I recommend applying.