Info on job searching in EFL in Spain

Getting your CV noticed

During the year we receive hundreds of CV’s from teachers. In May/June we are often sifting through up to 100 CV’s a week. Here are some tips on how to get your CV noticed. Make sure we don’t miss yours!

– Use a sensible email address. If your email address is silly (eg:, it will most probably end up being spammed and we won’t even know about it.
– Tell us where you heard about us as we have ads on various websites.
– We always reply to emails from applicants who have taken the time and effort to put together a professional CV even if their profile doesn’t fit the post we are offering.
– Read the information on our website first and look at the DVD of our schools. Check up on the area too. Make sure you like what you see.
– Ask us questions if you have any doubts before completing the application form. It saves time.
– If your profile isn’t what we are looking for, we will tell you straight away.
– We take the time to look carefully at your application. If you aren’t interested in taking your application any further, just let us know.
– We might ask you if we can keep a copy of your CV on file for future reference as jobs come up throughout the year. If you don’t want us to, say so.
– If we don’t have any vacancies, other schools in our language school association might, so we will ask you if we can pass on your details to other member schools in the association (*).
– If we are interested in your application, we will ask you to complete the application form. Let us know if you are intending to complete the form.
– Let us know if you have to make a decision about another post if we are still processing your application. We will try to speed things up.
– Don’t be afraid to ask us if we have received your emails. It’s a way of double checking that things don’t get lost in space (or in the post).

And finally……. at the end of the day we are EFL teachers too and we have been there ourselves. It is very important for both parties to make the right choices. The good things in life sometimes take a little longer to happen.

EL CENTRO DE INGLES, ANDUJAR is a member of *A.C.E.I.A, (The Private Language Schools Association of Andalucia).